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Ann Marie and Amber
Ann Marie McClellan » Lead Property Manager
Ann Marie McClellan

Over 20 years property management experience.   

Ann Marie is very upbeat and professional.   She makes everything easy for tenants and homeowners and is a pleasure to work with!  

Amber Rose » Marketing Manager and Assistant Property Manager
Amber Rose

Experienced in property management and enjoyable personality

Scott Singletary » Realtor
Scott Singletary

Scott Singletary is a professional Realtor in both Georgia and Alabama

Additionally he has been a Phenix City Fireman for over 20 yrs.

He handles most of the property inspections and does a professional job for our clients.  

Donna Long » Broker for Ga and AL
Donna Long

20 Years experience in Real Estate

12 Years Experience as Broker in Charge

Great at problem solving and easy to work with !

These guys are a great team and work hard to handle everything that comes up. They have proven they are the team of choice for property management!!